Hmm… upgrades

My beta testers have been quite helpful so far by requesting lots of features. I had a chance to implement a handful of them today and put up the new version for download. They haven’t really found any glitches yet. Is this a good sign?



Here’s a list of changes in GuiltySpark v1.0.8:

  • Added random node data source ($35)
  • Zoom level goes up to 25 now
  • The size of drawn links and circles is now adjustable
  • Setting the aimbots projectile velocity to 0 now means ignore travel time
  • Fixed a case where setting view angles incorrectly resulted in an ingame glitch
  • Enforced default properties upon starting the AI: storage values are 0, arc mode is off, gravity scale is 1, projectile velocity is 0, look-ahead mode is off, and strafe mode is off
  • Aimbot wobble increased slightly
  • ENABLE/DISABLE_LOOK_AHEAD replaced with a single FID SET_LOOK_AHEAD_MODE (14); a parameter of 0 means off, anything else means on
  • Added strafe mode FID (24); a parameter of 0 means off, anything else means on

I’ve still got about 7 items left on the beta to-do list. After those and other unforeseen requests are done, I’ll finish up by adding some pre-release goodies. The improved target detection will have to be branched off at some point.


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